Huddle Up!!              California Resource Recovery Association 37th Annual Conference

Ready!!                       August 11-14, 2013.  Pasadena, California

Set!!                            Call For Speakers/Call for Content is now open

Hike!!                          We’re going for Zero!  CRRA is organizing the most exness login comprehensive, informative, and thought-provoking conference dedicated to waste reduction and resource management issues in California.  As the field of our responsibilities widen, we begin to make sustainability connections that are outside our specialties.  We’re looking for the top players that can bring cutting-edge ideas, real experiences and new understanding to the game.

The Call for Speakers/Call for Content is your opportunity to submit proposals for individual topics, panelists, and roundtable leaders..  Does your inner Vince Lombardi have a topic you’ve always wanted to see at CRRA?  Submit your own game plan by identifying, recruiting and collaborating with a speaker or speakers, and organizing and moderating a session.  Did I hear Tours?  The Call for Speakers/Call for Content can also be used to submit proposals for tours, both traditional tours, and “mini-tours” that can be completed in 2 hours or less.  These mini-tours could be conducted during concurrent sessions, and could even be associated with on-site sessions on the same topic.

Touch Down!!            Our game plan includes the subjects below which helps move us to our sustainability goals:

Business Sustainability

            Small, local business focus

            Large business focus

Climate Change

Colleges, Universities and school systems

Economics and statistics

Environmental Purchasing

Product Stewardship

Green Building www.exness login

C&D recycling



            Processing topics – composting, anaerobic digestion, etc.

            Collection program topics


Outreach, Marketing and Education

Policy and Legislation

            Local product bans

            State legislation & regulations

Programs, Programs, Programs

            The Nuts and Bolts of Program Design

Illegal Dumping

Material Recovery Facilities and Processing

Multi-Family recycling and composting

Hazardous and E-Wastes

Reduce and Reuse Programs

Commercial sector challenges –

            Shopping Centers,

            Multi-tenant Office Buildings

Tribal Programs

Reuse programs, strategies and facilities

Rural Areas and Small Cities Challenges

Special Event Recycling

Large Venue Recycling

Vendors and Exhibitor’

            Got a session idea?  Submit it!

Zero Waste

             Zero waste contracting

            Zero waste businesses


            Recycling, composting and SW facilities

            Specialty recycling facilities

Extra Point - Good!!  This 2013 Conference Program is a team effort and we need you!  But don’t wait.  This game can’t go into Overtime, and the Call for Speakers/Call for Content closes December 10th.   There will be no subsequent Call for Papers.  Help us move the ball to Zero!

Instant Replay!!                     To initiate your participation, please fill out the on-line speaker submission form at 


Presenters may receive free conference admission for the day they speak but they are responsible for paying all travel and lodging costs. 

For more information about the conference, please visit

Leslie Lukacs and Olivia Sanchez, 2013 Conference Co-Chairs

Bob Nelson and

Rob Hilton,  2013 Conference Program Committee 


 California Resource Recovery Association   915 L Street, Suite C-216   Sacramento, CA 95814

Questions? email Patty M at crra dot com

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